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Monday, July 23, 2007

Figure Drawing Jun/Jul 2007

Started going to figure drawing sessions lately; here are some drawing from the last couple of weeks.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Karl Pilkington and I have the same Birthday

Was looking up on of my inspirations, Karl Pilkington and realize his birthday is on the same day as me: 23 September. He was born in 1972 though, where as I’m 1983. Still I think this is some kind of fate, or a shocking coincidence. This might be some explanation to why we have some things in common. Anyhow Karl will remain a dear friend and mentor…

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Invention: Plant in Hospital Bed

Office desktop plants are kinda popular nowadays, it adds a bit of green to the lifeless office space. There are some interesting products on this theme already (e.g. plant in an egg, crack the egg and add water...) but I wanted to make one with my own touch.

I thought it would be cool to have a little hospital bed, with the bed surface as soil and within the bed growing a small desktop-plant. The plant could then be feed via a drip and seeds/fertilizers could come in pill packaging. I am a genius!

After the dog-sex-toy, i figured i should produce some of my ideas before someone else does :( If anyone could help me realize this product please let me know. Ta.

Albino Porn

The variety of pornographic videos is very wide in today’s crazy world. I figured one interesting subject fresh to anyone’s eyes is Albino Porn. It could almost be an art piece I think. Imagine two perfectly white forms within a white room with pure white bed sheets… wow it’s heaven…

Invention: Vein Implants

Ever wanted to look ripped at all times? The solution is easy, I figured on of the main reasons a person can appear ripped is the popping veins. So what I came up with to achieve a constantly ripped look is vein implants. Similar to breast implants it’s basically just sticking silicone tubes under the skin surface.

Pro: Even if you’re fat your vein implant will give the impression that it’s all muscle because veins only appear with low body fat.

Con: the tubes may shift positions and might even tangle over time creating a vein-ball… this night not look too attractive…

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Invention: Blown-up dog (Update)

Remember my post about blown-up dogs (sexy-dolls) for dogs? Lately I've found out someone has actually use this idea and made a product, I'm absolutly furious but still a little bit proud too... sigh, if only i've made it first...

my original post on dog sex-dolls
check out the product at

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dream: 07.04.2007

I was running for the train from school (Brisbane Boys’ College) I was wearing a trainer top but only had underwear on for the bottom. I kept pulling the trainer down to cover my underwear as I ran; it kind of lost me a little bit of balance and slowed me down a little. Somehow I got to the train…

I was on the train and as the train was leaving I saw a guy couple (gay couple?) heading into the lifts. One wears a white buttoned shirt and white trousers, the other one was wearing a white overall-shorts he was trying to adjust the shoulder straps. The train left and they walked in to the open lift…

A little girl (-5 year old) came to sit next to me; I thought she was with her family.
We sat there as I looked out onto the cityscape; it was futuristic and neon-filled. I was engaged on the view when she said:
“That’s pretty.”
“Yeah look at all the neon signs and big buildings.” I said.
“Narh I meant your magazine”, she said.

I gave her my magazine; it was some culture/fashion/art magazine. She kept flipping and browsing as the ride continued. It was my stop and I had to take the magazine and leave. She didn’t want to give it back so I had to jerk it off her and left the bus immediately. This particular stop took me to a bookstore and I began to browse for the new magazine on the stands. Then I realized the little girl had followed me off the train and has now turned into a full grown crazy gay man that was twice my weight. He kept coming up to me asking for the magazine and I wouldn’t want to give it to this weird man so I called the shop keeper to get rid of him/her…